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I'm Vince Styling, a twenty-six years old technology developer. This is my personal tech blog where I record and share all things in my software development and other activities. You can read more about me and my blog posts, checkout my open source projects.

Post 我的链表合并排序笔记

Sun 27 Nov 19:38 2016


Post How to make the ListView's selector influence multiple rows in Android

Tue 14 Oct 17:45 2014

ListView's Selector only enabled for an individual row, but sometime we wish the rows that near by the finger hovering row can do some cooperate work to achieve an fascinating effect.

Post 产品思维与丰富文档是实现开源项目价值最大化的利器

Sat 11 Oct 00:47 2014


Post My IntelliJ IDEA customization

Sun 28 Sep 21:51 2014

IntelliJ IDEA is a full-featured IDE. I turned to that since 2012, now I'm a big fans of JetBrains series. This post would share all my customization about IDEA.

Post 我是如何阅读开源项目的源代码的

Tue 23 Sep 15:36 2014


Post release your project into maven repository via Sonatype

Sun 3 Aug 00:27 2014

Walking with me step by step to release our project into maven repository, this's my experience to record, i believe it could be helpful in my future work and more.

Post easily to know and switch the ellipsize mode of textview in Android

Wed 27 Nov 16:10 2013

An android TextView-like widget that let's easily to know the ellipsize mode and switch the mode between expand and collapse.

Project Khaleesi Since 2014-08-06

An elegant static site generator write in Ruby, often use as a blog aware or documentation aware generate tool. Supports markdown parser, series of decorators wrapping, code syntax highlighting, simple page script programming, page including, dataset traversing etc.

Project Traversaless ViewPager Since 2014-07-11

Traversaless(traversal less) ViewPager was born as an enhance ViewPager, it's mission was to solve the scroll too much problem for me, but I believe this problem also share with others, so I made this project and release it.

Project ApkInfoExtractor Since 2014-05-20

An aapt(Android Asset Packaging Tool) wrapper, developed by JavaFX2.2, aim to batch export android application file's information(e.g label, icon, package, versionCode, versionName etc.) as excel via straightforward and friendly GUI.

Project Netroid Since 2014-02-12

A http library for Android that based on Volley, its purpose is to make your android development easier than ever, provide fast, handly, useful way to performing async http operation by background thread.