About Vince Styling

Hi, I'm Vince Styling, a twenty-six years old technology developer. I live in GuangZhou of China when I reached manhood.

I acted as J2EE engineer in my job about four years ever, now I developing Android application. Java is my primary programming language but I also picked up others when I must, e.g. ruby, perl, javascript. I adore to develop with a definite purpose, I believe an expectable future can always motivate us to work.

I'm an enthusiast of English tech community, willing to share all things of my technology life. And actively run my stackoverflow and github to be more valuable, also this personal blog.

I started full-time at programming since I was eighteen, kinda late for this journey. Although I practiced my programming skill for 8 years, it still never get easy because my English was poor from first. So I spent most of my time to mitigate this imperfection. Now my ability of speaking English was miles better than the time I starting for . Certainly there are rooms called for fill up, that's an exciting but long march for me, I won't give up about this.